With You For the Long Haul

In this protracted challenging dry bulk market environment, we consider it all the more important to highlight:

  • our financial strength and staying-power;
  • our ability and willingness to stand by our commitments;
  • our commodities expertise and ability to extend a world-class service and deliver our customers’ cargoes safely and reliably – in good times and bad; and
  • our staff’s shared passion to deliver to the best of their ability and, through thick and thin, to ensure the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction.

The promise of our Pacific Basin brand, our values and our actions in good times and bad, are summed up in our tagline:

With you for the long haul

Our vision is to be the leading
ship owner / operator in the
dry bulk shipping space,
and the first choice
partner for customers and
other stakeholders


  • Pacific Basin is everything we expect of a freight provider – we cannot find any faults in your service
  • Your service is excellent – way above other shipping lines
  • Pacific Basin’s financial health is streets ahead of the competition
  • Operationally you are fantastic, and your communications and service are fantastic
  • Your performance is A1, your people have a good head on their shoulders, and you provide the flexibility we need
  • You are great at relationships, you understand our needs for punctuality and hold cleanliness, and you get issues resolved
  • Your team is responsive, you are really flexible, and you performance is smooth and always on time
  • Your ops staff understand the needs of our trades, especially practicalities and documentation – that makes our lives easy
  • You support us and are quick to rate business which is really important for us – we trust Pacific Basin, and our relationship is strong
  • You are quick with regular itinerary updates, quick with voyage settlement, quick with solutions
  • Operationally you are our top choice – our relationship is good and you give us great support
  • You have a great team of sensible people who can resolve problems


Our business is people driven, and our success hinges on the strength and quality of our relationship with customers, suppliers and other business partners. We blend an effective cargo and customer-focused business model with talented, team-focused people who share sensible values and a passion for delivering excellent service.

Our Business Principles

The guiding principles that dictate our behaviours and actions:

  1. We are passionate about our customers, our people, our business and our brand.
  2. We honour our commitments, and we value long-term relationships over short-term gain.
  3. We offer a personalised, flexible, responsive and reliable service, and look for ways to make it easier to do business with us.
  4. We target excellence and success through dedication and teamwork, and we see everyone in Pacific Basin as a corporate ambassador.
  5. We take a sustainable business approach and promote high standards of safety and environmental stewardship.
  6. We are caring, good humoured and fair, and treat everybody with dignity and respect, encouraging diversity of opinions and cultures.


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