Drawing on our Social & Relationship Capital

We recognise our obligations as a responsible member of the communities in which we operate, and we seek to ensure that the interests of these communities are represented within Pacific Basin and vice versa. Our engagement in and contributions to these communities takes a number of forms, in an effort to support their – and our – longer-term sustainability.

We achieve this by:

Our engagement in and contributions to the communities in which we operate are an important part of sustainability at Pacific Basin. We continue to donate to and be actively involved in good causes, the majority of which relate to seafarer causes and other staff-driven initiatives.

The Seafarer Community

As one of the largest foreign employers of Chinese crew and a significant employer of Filipino crew, we invest in recruitment activities and training programmes in Dalian, Manila and Hong Kong. Community donations are focused on seafarer welfare causes.

  • Our Human Resources Director is an Asian Ambassador of the Sailors’ Society, an organisation we support because of our particular interest in the welfare of seafarers and their dependents globally. Through this role, we promote regionally the need to support the welfare of seafarers whose lives at sea are not easy and who give so much to the business of shipping.

  • In 2016, our charitable donations and sponsorship amounted to over US$55,000, including donations to the Sailors’ Society and the Mission to Seafarers.

  • We sponsor a minibus in Manila for the use of the Sailors’ Society to provide free transport to all seafarers in Manila and to facilitated ship visits by the Manila port chaplain.

  • Funding other good causes, a Pacific Basin team completed the mountainous 100km Oxfam Trailwalker trek for the twelfth consecutive year in aid of Oxfam’s poverty alleviation programmes.

  • Our US colleagues also contributed to Dress for Success, an international not-for-profit organisation that empowers women to achieve success in the workplace.

“Our sponsors’ long-term support is crucial to sustaining our welfare output. And continuation of these crucial alliances and the industry’s recognition of seafarers’ need for our welfare work is fundamental to being able to sustain our free provision of services.”

The Sailors’ Society

Ports Where our Ships Trade

Our ships trade globally and our crew and ships are considered ambassadors for Pacific Basin wherever they sail, so we inspire them to:

  • strictly abide by requirements under applicable environmental law so as to minimise our impact on the cities, towns, ports and shorelines we visit;
  • show skilful seamanship and act professionally in the way they conduct their ships’ business;
  • be respectful law-abiding visitors, to show warm hospitality towards visitors on board, and to be in every way becoming of Pacific Basin personnel; and

  • establish and maintain good relations with port authorities, agents and other stakeholders in the places we visit.

One measure of our success in this area is the feedback we get from stevedores, port operators and other stakeholders in the ports where we call. Here are examples of commendations we received in 2016:

We commend the vessel for the level of professional courtesy, cooperation and hospitality this crew demonstrated at both ports. If an issue arose, the crew were prompt in addressing it without hesitation. This is typical of Pacific Basin vessels, however this crew was above and beyond in their efforts and this goes a long way to keeping a smooth operation. We look forward to seeing this vessel and crew again in Longview or Coos Bay.

Stevedores and International Longshore and Warehouse Union in Longview and Coos Bay, USA

The Captain, Chief and crew were of the most professional crew that we have worked with. It was a great loading, we enjoyed having them as a part of our operations in Kodiak AK, and will welcome them at any time again to our port.

Customers in Kodiak, Alaska

Our Hong Kong Community

We take an active role in Hong Kong where we are headquartered, listed and where our owned dry bulk fleet is flagged. We are members of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association executive committee, the Shipping Consultative Committee of the Hong Kong Administration and the Seafarer Advisory Board. We also support various maritime and related causes in Hong Kong.

The Shipping Industry

We are active contributors within the shipping community and have a voice in the international dialogue with legislators and other parties on topical issues and future legislation in our industry.

Pacific Basin and its senior management ensure our regular engagement with the shipping industry and relevant governmental and regulatory bodies through membership of appropriate industry organisations such as:

In 2016, our senior management assumed one new notable shipping association position: our Operations Director was appointed as a Substitute Director of the Board of Directors of The Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO).


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