11 Available-for-Sale Financial Assets

2016  2015
US$'000 Level 1Level 3Total Level 1Level 3 Total
Listed equity securities (a) 875-875 1,606- 1,606
Unlisted equity securities (b) --- -529529
875-875 1,606529 2,135

Available-for-sale financial assets have been analysed using the valuation method outlined above and the levels are defined as follows:

Fair value levels

Accounting policy

Available-for-sale financial assets are non-derivatives that are either designated in this category or not classified in any other categories under financial assets. They are included in non-current assets unless management intends to dispose of them within twelve months from the balance sheet date.

Assets in this category are initially recognised at fair value plus transaction costs and are subsequently carried at fair value. Gains and losses arising from changes in the fair value are recognised in other comprehensive income.

When securities classified as available-for-sale are sold or impaired, the accumulated fair value adjustments recognised in equity are released to the income statement.

Interest on available-for-sale securities calculated using the effective interest method is recognised in the income statement as part of finance income. Dividends on available-for-sale equity instruments are recognised in the income statement as part of other income when the Group’s right to receive payments is established.

The fair values of quoted investments are based on current bid prices. If the market for a financial asset is not active (and for unlisted securities), the Group establishes fair value by using appropriate valuation techniques. These include the use of recent arm’s length transactions, reference to other substantially similar instruments, and discounted cash flow analysis.

Please refer to Note 5 for the accounting policy on impairment.


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